Chapter 3 “Soc” by Jon Witt


Chapter 3 “Soc” by Jon Witt


Chapter 3 covers the basic elements of culture and their relationship to society. This is one of the major chapters in this course. 


Each of the objectives listed below is a link to a module which will take you through the material in the textbook needed to master the course objectives .  Modules contain materials which enrich the textbook content as well as written and audio lectures.







Objectives This chapter has 8 objectives.Each objective is a short unit which you must complete. Witt Chapter 3 Learning Objectives[i](course objectives 3.1 thru 3.8)

3.1.  Define the term culture.

3.2.  Describe the various cultural universals.

3.3.  Discuss globalization and diffusion.

3.4.  Define sociobiology, and discuss how social scientists view it.

3.5.  Discuss the various elements of culture.

3.6.  Discuss the various cultural variations.

3.7.  Define ethnocentrism.

3.8.  Define and discuss cultural relativism.



[i] Link to textbook resources.

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