Define Culture

Define Culture

  Culture and society are two sides of a coin.  Culture is the material and non-material “stuff” which enables us to survive and share our understanding of the world with those around.  Society consists of the pattern of interactions and expected behaviors we exchange with others. 3.1.1 deals with culture; 3.1.2 deals with society.


Define Culture


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View What is Culture a short (1 minute) introduction into the way sociologists view culture.
  The Evolution of Culture Paul Ehrlich talks about cultural evolution, this view focuses on material culture.  Steven Pinker takes a more socio-biological view of culture in this video Culture and Evolution.
  What is Culture This video, found on YouTube, looks at culture from the narrow perspective of high vs. low culture.  For many of us our view of culture is limited to culture as art (in all of the forms which art takes).  Sociologists see culture as the TOTALITY of knowledge and all that is made possible by knowledge from moon trips to bobby pins.  I’ve included this video because, although I don’t know who “RusticChivalry” is, I do know that he does a nice job of introducing some of the important issues involved in one aspect of culture.  The video runs 9 minutes, I think you’ll enjoy it despite some shocking images. This video would come under the category of ideas, but doesn’t include all ideas, just artistic representation of ideas.
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