Discuss the various elements of culture

Discuss the various elements of culture

 3.5.1 Culture as material and non-material aspects.  An important part of understanding culture and cultural change has to do with understanding how these change or don’t change as well as how they contribute to the stability of a culture or work against it.Cultural change is not comfortable for the members of a culture because it brings uncertainty.  New ideas and objects mean that people have to make adjustments in their day-to-day lives; they need to learn how to operate new ‘things’ and deal with new ideas and new behaviors.  This is work, and it means that interactions that people have counted on for years may not be available to them anymore.  Just think of how many people object to dealing with those automated menus that businesses have “press 1 for… press 2 for…”  we all get frustrated at one time or another with such things.But what if culture stays the same?  Then as you saw in “Guns, Germs and Steel” the advantages of new objects and ideas are not available: life expectancy is shorter, people are sicker, daily life has fewer comforts, and when there are big changes (such as the climate change shown in the video or a huge plague) the society is at risk of destruction.


Discuss the various elements of culture


Pages  48-50   Remember to take notes using the note feature of Angel
Key Terms  
Define Material culture 
  Nonmaterial culture 
  Culture Lag
Evaluation Quiz 3.5.1
Additional resources none


[i] http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0077290658/student_view0/chapter1/learning_objectives.html

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