various cultural variations

Witt Chapter  Learning Objectives[i] (course objective 3.6)

  The main culture contains the dominant ideology for the culture, but a society’s culture is not a “one size fits all” situation.  Variations in history, resources, life experiences and language result in smaller cultural types that suit local and group needs. As a result we have ethnic variations, business/corporate variations, regional and religious variations and differences between groups that exist in the same society and broadly share the same overall culture.

Sometimes groups set out to be intentionally different: think of the Amish, and of hippies or gangs.  These groups are countercultures because they have gone against the main culture in some ideas or practices. 

All countercultures are subcultures, but not all subcultures are countercultures what makes a subculture a counterculture is the determination the group has to not follow the norms and beliefs of the main culture.


Discuss the various cultural variations


Pages 57-60    Remember to take notes using the note feature of Angel
Countercultures These two videos introduce you to the Hutterites.  They are a religious countercultural group living in the United States and Canada.  Although they live in democracies, their cultural pattern could be described as communistic in the sense that they do not believe that one individual should strive to succeed for their own benefit; instead they believe that everyone shares the work and the rewards. 

Here’s a third video that might give more insight into what that means.

  Countercultures are not always welcome.  This video on polygamy among Fundamentalist Mormons definitely has a bias against polygamy, but it also does a good job of showing a counterculture that is an idea which has practitioners in many places.  There are 5 videos in this documentary only the first one is required, but you might find the whole documentary interesting if you have time.

Here is a view biased toward polygamy.

Culture Shock We experience culture shock when we encounter behaviors and objects that are either taboo in our own culture (eating live animals for instance) or completely unknown to us.  This video in NOT required because it contains some very strange foods.  You may experience culture shock while watching it.
Key Terms  
Define Dominant Ideology 
  Culture Shock
Slides None
Evaluation  Quiz 3.6
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