Witt Chapter  Learning Objectives[i] (course objective 3.7)

  We all need to take pride in who we are, the cultural groups we come from and our own nation and national identity, but too much pride in these important parts of who we are leads to negative attitudes, hatred and an unwillingness to see the facts about those who are different from us.It had originally been my intent to post some of the more ethnocentric videos here, but everyone I’ve looked at is so full of unsupported and completely incorrect claims and preaches a doctrine of hate so strong that it would unethical to share these. Extreme ethnocentrism is born of fear.  Fear of the other, fear of a world in which the rules will change and either they will work against us or we won’t understand them.  The very heart of culture is shared meaning, when new cultures arrive all parties have to work a little harder to understand each other, for many people hatred is easier.

What happens to the people who are on the receiving end of ethnocentric hatred?

Circumstances don’t always get that bad, but consider the Interment of the Japanese by the United States during World War II and the forced movement of Native American Tribes during the 19th Century.

The best way to understand the consequences of extreme ethnocentrism is to research the historical events that occur when we value our own culture at the exclusion of others. 


Define Ethnocentrism


Pages  60-61   Remember to take notes using the note feature of Angel
Key Terms  
Define Ethnocentrism
Slides None
Evaluation  Quiz 3.7
Additional resources To know more: research Holocaust, Killing Fields, Rwanda Genocide. 



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